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Samantha Rose My Number One Love November 16, 2012

Cool my number one babiee boii, i love you ooo so very much, you make me so happy when im feelin sad, everytime i look at your braclet i always end up smiling because i know that your always here with me. i love you babiee <3 Kiss

steph jacobs Missing You November 16, 2012
Not a day passes that we dont miss your smiling face!! <3
Aunt Stephanie
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Aunt Stephanie

Watching the Santa Clause 2 with you in Mommys Van ...And you beautiful and amazing smile...Are missed so much Baby Boy ... Love and Miss you !!!  <3<3



I remember evrything about your short life and I dont know why the good lord wanted my little Angel but I know your in a good place and I also know i will see you again that's what keeps me going other then your big brother and sister keeping me awake every night wondering what and where they are.

My boy you have touched thousands of people in your life there are some many people missing you and thinking about you because you are one special boy. I think about you everyday and all day and there are times I'm so sad I dont even want to pick my head up off the pillow but I know you wouldn't want me to be like that so I keep going. I remember you and me singing our song everydayto each other " I love you ,you love me what a happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you wont you say I LOVE YOU TOO wakadoo wakadoo I LOVE YOU" I still sing it with you when Im alone thinking of you wishing you could be singing it with me beside me. I love you baby boy your Dad forever

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